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1Donation Info Empty Donation Info on Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:45 am

Donator gets many different benefits. To start they get:

*New Custom prefix of choice
*New Rank
*New color
*New kit
*Special chat room
*Special donator chest,only accessible by you (not raidable)
*Donator chest if filled with loot
*Access To Donator Section on forum
*/hat Puts block on your head
*/workbench or /craft which pulls up a crafting table without having to make one.

Donators get a lot of benefits, I probably forgot some, if I remember more I will add on!

Our current different types of payment are:
$5-One month
$15-3 Months

The $25 donation is the only permanent rank, you have it for life, the other forms of donation are more of trials if you are still learning about the server and such.

The paypal information is:

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